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Opposites Attract on Elsevier Stijl Blog

By John de Greef


Glas op zolder
Een cultureel begin van het tweede Advent-weekend: vrijdagavond naar de opening van vriend Melvin Anderson. Zijn grafisch en gloedvol glaswerk staat tot en met 9 april in het glasmuseum van Leerdam. Weliswaar niet al te ruim, op de zolder, maar wel spannend gepresenteerd in samenwerking met zijn man Arie Vervelde en de eveneens getalenteerde Bart Hess.

Glasdoek Arie maakte met de Anderson’s glasmotieven voor de gelegenheid ook meteen maar een sjaal, zoals hij de afgelopen lente ook voor Elsevier STIJL deed. Die zijden glasdoek voor de hals is te koop in dit museum vol met volle vitrines van alle mogelijke soorten Leerdams glaswerk.

Een feestje van herkenning, al dat heldere of kleurige en breekbare Copier- en Berlage-servies. Ik voelde de verzamelaar in me weer wakker worden: fijn Copier sprokkelen. Ook zonder vriendschap met Anderson-Vervelde zou ik Leerdam tippen voor uw agenda. Nep-nepotisme helpt niemand. (…)

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13 Dec 2011

Opposites Attract Officially Opened

Opposites Attract Red White BlackOpposites Attract black & whitesLeerdam, December 9th

Dr. Marjan Unger, publicist and art historian, opened Opposites Attract. For more pictures of the opening party go to Melvin’s Facebook page. For more details on opening hours please visit

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13 Dec 2011

Opposites Attract – National Museum of Glass Leerdam – Opening December 10th

Melvin’s objects are sold and put on display all over the world. For the first time in Melvin’s career as a glass designer, spanning over a decade, the Dutch National Museum of Glass in Leerdam focuses on his designs, presenting Opposites Attract, opening December 10th 2011. (

Opposites are omnipresent in the life and work of the artist. Hailing from the Caribbean, with roots in St. Vincent and Aruba, his studies made Melvin move to The Netherlands at a young age. When asked about his identity he states to be both European and Caribbean. This clearly shows in his works, ranging from natural and organic –possibly referring to his African heritage – to transparent objects, full of contrast and of near-architectonic or sculptural quality. Style references to fashion, design and a cosmopolitan life are found throughout his small collections of unique objects.

Opposites Attract unveils Melvin’s life story through these very objects. The fire serves as a starting point and a metaphore for his passion and inspiration. Drawn from it are works deriving their decorative appeal from burn marks. Their beauty lies in their imperfect shapes and warm colour palate from amber to mahogany and the deepest brown. An exuberant translation of Anderson’s previous life as a fabrics designer are his seductively shining and transparent works in black and white, presented in a metropolitan context and urban landscape, indicating all the places where his works found a new home with its avid collectors.

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26 Oct 2011

Swarovski magazine

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16 Oct 2011

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16 Oct 2011

Magazine For Living

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29 Sep 2011

Italian soul in EH&I

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25 Jun 2011

Big turban vase in Interni

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25 Jun 2011

News Salone del Mobile

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23 May 2011

AD Featured Masquerade too..

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18 Apr 2011