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From St. Vincent to Aruba, Amsterdam and Milan.  Melvin Anderson (Aruba 1944) has traveled the world for the sake of aesthetics.

Working for fashion houses around the globe from his Milan-based studio for fabrics design, Melvin Anderson built quite the name for himself.  His sense of colours and textures as well as his ability to capture the zeitgeist enticed customers from the Japan. A little over ten years ago, Anderson, feeling the need to gear his career into a new direction, accidentally moved on to glass, upon a friend’s suggestion to visit Murano.

The material has been a revelation to him. More than ever, Anderson’s designs exude his personality. Northern European clarity meets Italian warmth, traces of Africa mix with a longing for the Caribbean. Strong, rich colours and graphic lines appeal to -again- an international crowd of collectors, galleries, museums and design stores worldwide.

Passionately, he keeps working on providing his clients with commissioned series and his loyal fanbase with new and one of a kind pieces. Objects so desirable, you might be tempted to touch.